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Welcome to CloudLabs by Spektra Systems, we have compiled the following documentation for Learners and Instructors with the purpose to provide an in-depth overview, features, and various options with easy walkthroughs.

Learner Documentation:

This documentation provides Learners an introduction to the most important features within the Lab environment. It also provides step-by-step guide to setup and access the lab environment.

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Instructor Documentation:

Please take a moment to go through the documentation to preare for the workshop. You will need to authenticate with Azure AD or LinkedIn to access the instructor documentation.

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Admin Documentation

The following documentation is designed to help Admins understand the features available to them along with how and where to access this important information. You will also learn how to set up and execute various available admin resources.

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Lab Developer Documentation:

As a Lab Developer you will need to get familiar with some important features that are made available to you. The following documentation helps you understand these features and how to use them.

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Request Support

Your program contacts should have provided you designated support contacts. Please see following information to find your support contact details.

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